Catchup With The Christmas Spirit

27 Dec 2021

Catchup with the Christmas Spirit

The chills of winter usher in a season of joy, festivities, and food. As the chills begin to set in India, the hearts of millions fill up with merriment as people prepare themselves to revel in the joys of Christmas and ring in the new year.

The mesmerising food that adorns our plates during this time of year is incomplete without sauces, the perennial flavour adders that make those Christmas meals so delicious. With the holiday season in full swing, revellers look to dip their food in a variety of sauces and condiments and munch away to their hearts’ delight.

A delectable Christmas dinner starts with an array of appealing appetizers that warm up the taste buds for a long feast. For all the cheese lovers, the voluptuous cheese balls are a perfect start. These adorable appetizers are best enjoyed with a helping of Annapurna’s Tomato Ketchup. The tangy flavours of the tomato ketchup balance the rich, creamy taste of the cheese balls. Sticking with ketchup, the crisply fried mashed potatoes and bacon with tarty ketchup are a delicious option. These deep-fried brown delicacies, when paired with Annapurna’s tomato ketchup, vanish way faster than you can say Christmas.

After the appetizers have warmed up the tummy, it’s time to start with the main course of the Christmas feast. A traditional Christmas main course starts with buttery mashed potatoes. This simple yet succulent dish is a perfect start to a wholesome Christmas meal. Enjoy the grainy and creamy texture of the potatoes with the lusciously velvety Veg Mayo from the Annapurna Group. If you want to add a spicy twist to a placid dish, pair it up with Annapurna’s Cheese Chilly or give it a biting flavour by adding smidges of tomato ketchup with each spoon. Aside from mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes are another delectable recipe that kicks off the main course. Pair off the glistening golden dices of potatoes caramelised with oil or, better yet, Annapurna Gawa Ghee with seasonal herbs and spices. Now for the piece de resistance of the Christmas feast, the turkey roast. Relish the juicy turkey meat, tenderised with barbecue sauce. The sauce adds a smoky and salty flavour that makes the delicious dishes exceedingly irresistible. The oozing juices that gush out from the meats are the stuff of gastronomical dreams for any food lover.

A wholesome Christmas meal is capped off with a wonderful dessert. What better way to cap off a meal than with a minced meat pie? End the delicious meal with a creamy minced pie, complete with a crunchy covering and succulent fillings that melt into the mouth.

So, this Christmas, wake up your Christmas spirit, whip up a great feast for your friends and family with Annapurna Group’s products, and enjoy the season of pure merriment and joy! Happy Holidays!

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