Veg Mayo

Elevate your culinary creations with Diptips Veg Mayo! Our rich and creamy mayonnaise is 100% vegetarian, making it a guilt-free indulgence for everyone. Crafted with pure and fresh ingredients, it adds a delicious creamy texture and a burst of flavor to your favorite dishes. Whether you’re whipping up a quick sandwich, a fresh salad, or a delectable dip, Diptips Veg Mayo is your go-to for enhancing every bite. Spread it on your toast, mix it in your pasta, or use it as a base for your special sauces; Diptips Veg Mayo brings out the best in every meal.
Veg Mayo

The Perfect Creamy Delight for Every Meal

Ideal for those seeking a healthier, egg-free alternative without compromising on taste. Transform your ordinary meals into extraordinary experiences with Diptips Veg Mayo, where every bite is a delight! Enjoy the smooth, velvety texture that perfectly complements your snacks and main courses. From breakfast to dinner, this versatile veg mayo enriches your dishes with a rich, satisfying flavour that makes every meal more enjoyable and memorable.

Available Sizes:

300 gm

Shelf Life:

Best Before Six Months From Manufacturing.

Container Type:

Squeeze Pack, Table Top, Stick Pack

Nutritional Information Per Serving (20gm)*

Energy   91.6b kcal
 Protein   0.276 g
 Total Carbohydrate   2.4 g
 Of which Sugar   1.3 g
 Total Fat   9 g
 Saturated Fat   1.44 g
 Trans-fat   0.0 g
  Cholesterol  0.0 mg

*Approx. Values


How is Diptips Veg Mayonnaise different from regular mayonnaise?

Diptips Veg Mayonnaise is egg-free, making it suitable for vegetarians and those with egg allergies. It uses plant-based ingredients while retaining the creamy texture and rich flavour of regular mayonnaise.

How is Diptips Veg Mayo better than the other products available?

Diptips Veg Mayo is known for its superior taste, smooth texture, and high-quality ingredients. It’s also versatile, suitable for a variety of dishes, and free from artificial preservatives.

Can I use DipTips Veg Mayo to make dips and sauces?

Yes, Diptips Veg Mayo is perfect for making a wide range of dips and sauces. Its creamy consistency and rich flavour enhance any recipe.

Can Diptips veg mayo be used in a healthy way?

Yes, Diptips Veg Mayo can be used in moderation as part of a balanced diet. Opt for healthier recipes like veggie wraps, salads, or as a spread on whole grain bread.

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