Pudina Chilli Dip Sauce

Pudina Chilli Dip Sauce is a zingy, tasty dip that makes pakodas and tikkis oh-so-irresistible. The freshness of pudina and the spiciness of green chillies makes the perfect blend for a truly unforgettable taste. The authentic taste adds flavour to every snack you bring to the table.
Pudina Chilli Dip Sauce

Available Sizes:


Shelf Life:

Best Before 12 Months From Manufacturing.

Container Type:

Glass Bottle

Nutritional Information (Per 100g*)

Serving size : 8 g   Serving per pack : 40+
 Energy   64 kcal
 Protein   1.0 g
 Fat   Trace
 Carbohydrate   15 g
 Sugar   6.5 g
  Added Sugar   5 g
  Sodium   2600 mg

*Approx Values

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