Cow Ghee

Annapurna pure Cow Ghee is made from fresh milk cream from grass-fed cows. Packed with nutritional values and healing properties, this ghee is also free from lactose and casein making it a suitable alternative for those with dairy sensitivities. The rich signature taste and texture of this ghee act as a perfect immunity booster. It is one of our exclusive products that go well not only with your dishes but also assures the purity for any religious and cultural rituals.

Available Sizes:

1 LTR, 500 ML

Shelf Life:

Best Before 10 Months from Manufacture

Container Type:

Pet Bottle


Energy  898 kcal
 Total Fat  99.82 g
 Saturated Fat  71.80 g
 MUFA  22.40 g
 PUFA  2.62 g
 Trans Fat  3 g
 Cholesterol  255 mg
 Total Carbohydrate  0 g
 Added Sugar  0 g
 Protein  0 g
 Vitamin A  750 mcg

*Approximate Values

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