Fundaaz Lemon

This zesty drink is an instant energizer that will revitalize your senses on any given day. The wholesomeness of Vitamin C with every sip boosts your immunity and fulfills the craving of a perfectly blended lemon drink on a bright sunny day.

Available Sizes:

330ML, 300ML, 180ML, 160ML


Per 100ml
Energy  48 kcal
Total Carbohydrate  12g
Total Protein  0g
Sugars  11.7g
 Total Fat  0g

*Typical Values

Nutrition Ingredients

Water, Sugar, Fresh Lemon Juice Concentrate, Common Salt, Stabiliser (445), Antioxidant (300), Citrus Flavor & Preservatives (211,202).
Contains permitted class II preservatives and added citrus flavors (Natural, Nature-identical and artificial flavoring substances)
Contains 6.4% Lemon Juice in this beverage.

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