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Tomato ketchup

Tomato Ketchup is made from automated machines equipped with modern technology with sun-ripened tomatoes which add tangy appetizing taste to your everyday snacks. Annapurna tomato ketchup is 100% natural with no artificial color, preservatives, or starch, easily making it one of the best tomato ketchup in the market. Easy to pour and use bottle makes it convenient to not let you wait for your snack time and make every bite relishing and more delicious. Now savour the flavour with your favorite snacks or palate of your choice.

Available Sizes :

200 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg, 18/8 gm

Shelf Life:

Container Type : Glass Bottle, Spout Pack, Pouch Pack
             Nutritional Information (Per 100g*)
 Energy   163 kcal
 Protein   1.2 g
 Fat   0.26 g
 Carbohydrate   39 g
 Sugar   35 g
 *Typical Values


Tomato ketchup uses are not only limited to lapping up flavours in dishes but a wide range of culinary or health benefits. Tomato ketchup are rich in Vitamin A and C that improves eyesight and immune systems. Tomato ketchup uses also involves natural cleaning agents for copper and silver wares. Annapurna Ketchup having no artificial sugar and preservatives are used by health-conscious people in their bid to stay fit.

Tomato ketchup ingredients mainly includes tomatoes, sugar, spices and added preservatives. Annapurna tomato ketchup ingredients consists of the freshly picked tomato pulps, choicest of spices, salts and no artificial starch and preservatives, bringing the natural tangy taste of the tomatoes.

The tomato ketchup price in India depends on the brands, quantity and packaging. Annapurna has a wide range of tomato ketchup packs available at affordable prices. The tomato ketchup price of Annapurna range between Rs 99 for the 500-gram glass bottles and the sprout pack of 1 Kg Annapurna ketchup price is INR 125.

There are several top tomato ketchup brands in India that adds taste to the various cuisine palates of India. Annapurna Tomato Ketchup one of the upcoming tomato ketchup brands in India brings the farm fresh taste of ripe tomatoes to every Indian kitchen.

Yes, Annapurna tomato ketchup is vegan as it is made from only plant products. So, grab a pack of tomato ketchup and whip up those savoury dishes for you and your loved ones.

The tangy tomato ketchup recipe includes juicy ripened tomatoes picked fresh from the farms, fiery chilis, natural herbs, added preservatives and salts. The tarty taste of tomato ketchup adds a zesty dimension to the food palate. Annapurna Tomato Ketchup recipe includes pulpy farm fresh tomatoes, herbs, salts, and many more that are made into a smooth, rich texture with a thick consistency that makes every plate delectable.

Most brands have onion and garlic in their tomato ketchup. However, as a large part of the Indian audience is vegetarian, they often exclude onion and garlic from their food palate. Recognizing this, Annapurna Group has come up with Tomato Ketchup without onion garlic, which will make the vegetarian dishes even more delicious.

Tomato ketchup is packed in glass bottles because ketchup is slightly acidic. The price of a tomato ketchup bottle depends on brand and quantity. Annapurna’s tomato ketchup bottle is available in two different sizes, 200 grams and 500 grams, and is affordably priced so that every household can enjoy the zesty taste.

Most have the concept that tomato ketchup and tomato sauce are the same, but there are some minute yet distinguishing differences. One key difference is that tomato ketchup contains vinegar, or acetic acid, whereas tomato sauce does not contain vinegar. As for the debate Tomato Ketchup vs Tomato Sauce, well, it actually depends on the user's taste and preference and the food preparation they are using it for.

Yes, tomato ketchup is healthy. Annapurna Tomato Ketchup is made from the pulpiest farm fresh tomatoes and is rich in Vitamin A and C. Also, Annapurna Tomato Ketchup does not contain any added starch or preservatives, making it ideal for health enthusiasts.