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Tomato ketchup

Tomato Ketchup is made from automated machines equipped with modern technology with sun-ripened tomatoes which add tangy appetizing taste to your everyday snacks. Annapurna tomato ketchup is 100% natural with no artificial color, preservatives, or starch, easily making it one of the best tomato ketchup in the market. Easy to pour and use bottle makes it convenient to not let you wait for your snack time and make every bite relishing and more delicious. Now savour the flavour with your favorite snacks or palate of your choice.

Available Sizes :

200 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg, 18/8 gm

Shelf Life:

Container Type : Glass Bottle, Spout Pack, Pouch Pack
             Nutritional Information (Per 100g*)
 Energy   163 kcal
 Protein   1.2 g
 Fat   0.26 g
 Carbohydrate   39 g
 Sugar   35 g
 *Typical Values