Three reasons why you’ve got to try Veg Mayonnaise.

3 Dec 2020
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A unique problem feature of Indian households is that there are many vegetarians. But that doesn’t mean that there exists any compromise on the flavour component. So, although egg-based mayonnaise is a strict no-no, white veg mayonnaise can easily be savoured by all and sundry. It is rich and creamy in texture and every time you pop it in your mouth, there will be a festival of flavours.  In fact, members of the younger generation can’t imagine a hearty snack bereft of mayonnaise.

Let us look at some of the most unique features of this kind of mayonnaise!

Vegetable fried dishes tend to soak in a lot of oil. But lathering a layer of eggless mayonnaise on top cuts down on the oiliness radically and gives you a kind of freshness that you will love.

Trying to gain weight but to no avail? Well, consuming mayonnaise might finally do the trick. As little as one tablespoon of it contains a whopping 90 calories.

An additional usage of mayonnaise is there, which may surprise many. Plant-lovers often decorate their homes with indoor plants- but in spite of watering them regularly, the leaves often lose their sheen due to pollution or lack of enough sunlight. Just wash the leaves with soap and water and add a drop of veg mayonnaise to keep them shining for weeks.


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