As it’s pouring, let the Annapurna Super Ghee drizzle to make mouth-watering Khichuri

19 Jun 2020
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Kolkata is undoubtedly one of the major gastronomic cities in India. When it comes to food, the city searches for excuses to begin feasting on some of the most delightful delicacies. As per Bengali culture, Khichuri is nothing less than writing love letters. It requires more punch and accompaniments than other meals. It mostly gets cooked in the rainy season especially in romantic thunderstorms. Moreover, adding a spoonful of Annapurna Super Ghee into the Khichuri make it smell even more exotic with its aroma.

Come Monsoon when the rains help in bidding the humid weather a goodbye, Bong food lover’s start craving for Khichuri. The feeling is so strong that it can be related to missing a sweetheart in a sentimental environment. Khichuri or Khichdi (a dish made up of rice and lentils) is synonymous with rain. Without it, the whole monsoon would become dry and incomplete for Bengalis.

In Bengal, Khichuri is incomplete without its side dishes. Side dishes such as Beguni/batter-fried eggplant, Kumri/batter-fried Pumpkin. Furthermore, Aloor Fuluri/batter-fried potatoes, Papad bhaja, and some mango mustard pickle also complete the dish. To make it even more special, the khichuri would be to serve it alongside Ilish Maach bhaja/Fried Hilsa. Hilsa being the quintessential Bengali fish, making this simple khichuri a gourmet dish.

The Bengali khichuri is likewise prestigious for being the bhog in celebrations. Broadly known as “Bhog-er-khichuri” it has an alternate and exceptional taste when comparing with khichuri made at home. It gives you the feeling of your right to purity probably due to the abundance of ghee used especially for festivals.

According to Ayurveda, generous consumption of pure ghee is as good for your health as your palette during monsoons. Ghee aids digestion and keeps your metabolism high. The rain clouds are already here, have you had your plate of khichuri yet? If not, then make sure you have it. Don’t forget that generous spoonful of ghee, nothing else would satiate your soul this monsoon. So, what could be a better choice than a spoonful of Annapurna Super Ghee to top it all.

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