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Cow Ghee

Annapurna Pure Cow Ghee is made from fresh milk cream from grass-fed cows. Packed with nutritional values and has healing properties, the ghee is yellow in color and delivers a rich signature taste & texture to your dishes. Enriched with vitamins, this pure cow ghee acts as a perfect immunity booster. It is one of our exclusive products that go well with all your dishes. Just a dollop of pure cow ghee is enough to make your cravings taste heavenly.

Available Sizes :

1 LTR, 500 ML

Shelf Life:

Best Before 10 Months from Manufacture

Container Type : Pet Bottle
 Energy  898 kcal
 Total Fat  99.82 g
 Saturated Fat  71.80 g
 MUFA  22.40 g
 PUFA  2.62 g
 Trans Fat  3 g
 Cholesterol  255 mg
 Total Carbohydrate  0 g
 Added Sugar  0 g
 Protein  0 g
 Vitamin A  750 mcg
 *Approximate Values