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Annapurna Pure Cow Ghee is made from fresh milk cream from grass-fed cows. Packed with nutritional values and has healing properties, the ghee is yellow in color and delivers a rich signature taste & texture to your dishes. Enriched with vitamins, this pure cow ghee acts as a perfect immunity booster. It is one of our exclusive products that go well with all your dishes. Just a dollop of pure cow ghee is enough to make your cravings taste heavenly.

Available Sizes :

1 LTR, 500 ML

Shelf Life:

Best Before 10 Months from Manufacture

Container Type : Pet Bottle
 Energy  898 kcal
 Total Fat  99.82 g
 Saturated Fat  71.80 g
 MUFA  22.40 g
 PUFA  2.62 g
 Trans Fat  3 g
 Cholesterol  255 mg
 Total Carbohydrate  0 g
 Added Sugar  0 g
 Protein  0 g
 Vitamin A  750 mcg
 *Approximate Values


Cow ghee is considered to be one of the superfoods of the Indian kitchen. The cow ghee benefits include improved digestion and the reduction of the inflammation of the intestinal wall. Cow ghee benefits also include the nourishment of the skin, improving bone strengths and lubricating bone joints to prevent arthritis, and boosting immunity, especially during the pandemic.

Yes, cow ghee can be consumed daily. The use of cow ghee can be an excellent choice for daily fat content. Cow ghee taken in moderation, that is two-three tablespoons (10 g) can keep different health problems at bay like reducing unwanted fats in the body, improving eye sights, and diminishing the chances of heaty diseases.

Cow ghee price in India depends on the brands and the quantities of each pack. The cow ghee price in India varies from INR 450- INR 1600 per kg or litre. Annapurna’s Cow Ghee Price is kept at INR 590 for 1 Litre and INR 299 for a 500 ml pack. The cow ghee price has been kept affordable keeping each section of the society in mind without compromising on the quality.

According to Ayurveda, the ideal time to consume ghee is early morning on empty stomach. It treats the body as rasa and provides nutrients to each cell of the body. Consuming ghee is ideal for lactating mothers as it keeps the body weight in check, improves bowel movements, stimulates lactation and balances hormones.

The use of ghee on the skin is an excellent homemade recipe. Desi Cow ghee can be used to whiten skin, nourish it and provide an even skin tone. Applying ghee moisturises skin, removes scars, pimples and reduces dark circles. The nourishing properties of Annapurna cow ghee make it an effective anti-ageing remedy as it keeps the dark spots and wrinkles at bay giving the skin a radiant glow.

Cow ghee benefits for hair include moistening of scalps, increased hair volume and softer hair. Applying cow ghee in hair reduces dandruff, itchy scalps and reduce microbial infection. The fatty acids stimulate hair growth and improve hair texture and shine.

Several top brands of cow ghee are available on various online platforms for the convenience of the customers. One can buy Annapurna Desi Ghee Online from platforms like Amazon. Big Baskets, Flipkart and Spencer’s at an attractive rate.

India is blessed to have several top cow ghee brands that provide various benefits. Annapurna one of the top Cow ghee brands in India has been bringing the best of nutrition and purity at an affordable price.

Pure Cow Ghee can improve eyesight. Annapurna Cow Ghee contains Vitamin A that improves eyesight. Pure cow ghee lubricates eyes and prevents dry eye syndrome. Drops of Cow ghee in the eyes can moisten eyeballs and improve vision.

Pure cow ghee is yellowish to golden in colour. Annapurna cow ghee is golden yellowish in colour with a creamery granular texture, offering goodness of Vitamin A, unsaturated fatty acids at an affordable rate.