NimbuPani: The Ultimate Thirst Quencher

14 Sep 2021
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The days of summer during my childhood were special! The long summer vacations used to be punctuated with fun and games with the friends, reunion with cousins and round of delicious food, fruit drinks and sherbet prepared by our moms and aunts. Of all the drinks that our elders used to make, the tangy yet sweet NimbuPani – or the Indian Lemonade had the deepest impact on my taste buds. If there is a drink that can cool down the human body in a trice it is the simple yet evergreen Indian iteration of lemonade. For the next part of my tarty story let me take you to my grandma’s home in the sleepy village of Bishnupur, Assam.

Me and my cousins used to run amok on the velvety grass of grandma’s little garden immediately after breakfast indulging in various rounds of crickets, football and hide and seek.After couple of game session in the morning, me and my cousins, completely exhausted and drenched in sweats used to wait for my grandma to serve us the other worldly lemon juice that she used to make from the freshly pluckedfruits. Our favourite spot used to be the tract cool shade forged by the series of lemon trees that grandma had planted many springs ago. We used to sit underneath the shady spots and marvel the sweetand tangy drink. The sight of the condensation droplets slowlyglissading down the surface of the glasses made us drool, with a bitter sweet feeling, that we will be finishing our portion of lemon juice within a flash. Some of us were more of the adventurous type, and used to sneak into grandma’s kitchen and pester her for a second helping.

Strangely all of us felt that the lemon drink can only be enjoyed in nature laps with the smell of freshly cut grass and the sweet citrus smell of ripe lemons.The buzzing sound of the bees and the sweet and zesty elixir gushing down our throats recharged our batteries for another bout of games. Well one of the top benefits of lemon water is rehydration after all.

Fundaaz Lemon, by Annapurna group with its years of research and state of the technology has managed to bottle the essence of the earthyNimbuPaniand the purity of the freshly picked lemons from nature’s basket. 

Did I drift away? All right then, back to the story then…. Sometimes Grandma used to add a bit of twist to her classic lemon juice, with dash of pepper, mint leaves and loads of love. The true summer cooler, grandma’s lemon drinks were like rejuvenating spas for each and every cell of the body. And the best thing about the grandma’s drink was the purity. Only the goodness of the freshest harvest.FundaazLemon, prepared with double stages of homogenization, sterilization and pasteurization, ensures the safety of consumption, after all it is the consumers right to purity. 

Apart from the refreshing taste, grandma often told the variousbenefits of lemon consumption. Some of the home remedies like a lemon juice with hot water for inflamed throat, or use of lemon juice as a natural antiseptic are absolute live saver. Lemon drink benefits also abates the chances of cancer and kidney stones. Th

Years had passed, and the summer vacations at grandmother’s house are nothing but childhood nostalgia that me and cousins still reminiscence over glasses of lemon juice. These days when summer arrives, I spend hours browsing the selves of various stores, trying out the numerous brands offering lemon juices and try to rewind the old memories of sweat drenched breaks between games and the refreshingcitrus aroma of lemons.

Fundaaz Lemon, one of the best fruit drink brands in India,is an absolute cracker of refreshing beverage prepared from the pulps of best handpicked lemons from the mystic gardens in Assam. Fundaaz Lemon infused with the tantalizing fruity taste boosts immunity and offers the goodness of vitamin C and Minerals and of course your right to purity.

So, recharge your body after a gruelling day,get your hand on a chilled bottle of Fundaaz Lemon and see all your stress melt away in the ecstasy of freshly plucked zesty lemons.

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