Mother’s Day

5 May 2021
Mothers Day at Annapurna

In our adulthood, when we take a break and look at the preserved childhood, we see the only person, bigger than the frame, is our mothers. On every occasion, mothers are the only ones, with their ten hands (According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Durga has ten hands), prepared to flourish us with her selfless care and love.

There is a very popular tradition, especially in Bengali culture, that monsoon brings the dish “khichuri” (Khichuri is a South Asian dish made of rice and lentils, however, there are bajra and moong dal khichdi). Our childhood brings the memory of khichuri with a spoonful of Annapurna ghee on top.

In the tiffin time in school, Annapurna jam was wisely served with bread to cut out all the boredom at school and better concentration for the rest. This wise tactic can only be thought of by the mothers.

After a long session of school, summer vacation used to arrive under the scorching heat of the Sun. Fundaaz lemon drink used to be the only source of thirst-warrior, served cold by the mothers. No doubt, mothers can look after everything.

Even on those sudden evening, when the guests used to arrive and we, the kids got to bunk the studies, maa (mother) used to serve samosa (Samosa is a savoury South Asian pastry filled with spiced potatoes, onions, peas, or lentils that is fried or baked) with her beautiful touch-up on the plate, Annapurna tomato sauce. Mothers are the most creative artists in every household.

Devi(goddess) Annapurna lives in the kitchen of every Hindu, exactly like the mothers. Years passed, time-lapsed, but the mothers, being Annapurna, never stopped. The gesture remained the same and our mothers successfully ruled the kitchens with the power of Annapurna every day. Let us celebrate the most beautiful occasion- Mother’s Day with our Annapurnas, our mothers, through the glory and trust of Annapurna.


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