Mother of the creation

10 May 2021
Mothers Day- Mother of the Creation

Billions of years ago, planet Earth was born from a hollow space. As the process of cooling down adjusted, mother nature gave birth to many living beings, and finally, evolution achieved humans. In the twenty-first century, where postmodernism took us to the space of science and technology, we can relate mother nature with our own maa (mother).

Mother nature, an eternal beauty represents the unceasing aura of our very own mothers, with unconditional love from both sides. The diversity, essence, complexion of nature defines a mother in every way. Our mothers always love us, unconditionally without giving any second thought, exactly like mother nature. Pristine purity defines the character of our mothers through selfless care and sheer strength. There is nothing purer and more selfless than the planet, our creator, mother nature.

On the contrary, our mothers establish the character of immense tolerance, the fierce, silent cry, like the diversity of mother nature. Nature can be harsh too and destroy the essence of life. Yet, the patience, immeasurable suffering kept her calm and we can live happily on the lap of mother nature, exactly like the wrap of our mothers’ care and love. 

This Mother’s Day, let us celebrate our mother nature with the tender love of our very own mothers’.

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