Down the Memory Lane with Mango Mustard Pickle

11 Dec 2020
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Remember the days of your childhood when hours would quickly be filled with laughter and joy? Chance are that you do. Childhood slips by pretty quickly and before long it all becomes a distant memory, ready to fade away. But every now and then there comes along a reminder that takes you back to those good old days.

Mango mustard pickle is one such element that helps you take a walk down the memory lane. You will be reminded of the summer afternoons when you perhaps shared pickles with your buddies or the Sunday brunches when the aloo paratha would be seamlessly elevated with the pickle. The thrill of stealing pickles from your grandma’s creations can’t ever be replaced, but perhaps it can be replicated.  Nostalgia will know no bound when your savor the mouth-watering mashup of raw mangoes and mustard seeds.

Now getting hold of your grandmother’s or mom’s mango mustard pickle recipe is not an easy feat, and even if you do get it, executing it is both time consuming and tedious. Luckily enough, now you can avail pickles that contain the same magic with a simple click. Not only do you get to relive your past, but also create new memories. This savory delight is for the keeps!

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