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26 Feb 2022
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Ghee is the emotion that has bound India’s kitchens for ages. From the golden-hued cow ghee in the west to the aromatic Gawa ghee in the east, it has always been an integral part of our kitchens. On the eastern shores of India, Gawa Ghee remains the top choice for whipping up culinary delights. The Ghee Benefits and its otherworldly taste create a crackling combination for every mother who wants only the best for her family.

Recent studies have revealed the importance of ghee as a modern-day superfood that not only satisfies the taste buds but also allows you to munch away to your heart’s delight without worrying about your health. Before we get into the health benefits of Gawa Ghee, let’s take a look at some of the factors that contributed to Gawa Ghee’s cult status in the kitchens of the east. Time to rejig some savoury memories. Imagine a plate of piping hot rice topped off with a dollop of melting  Ghee slowly seeping into the grains, add a bit of salt and mashed potatoes and watch your taste buds melt away into flavoury bliss, just how Sunday lunch is meant to be. Or imagine a plateful of Khichdi on a rainy afternoon, the fragrance of lentils and rice grains coupled with the slightly chilly weather can only be matched with a drizzle of Gawa Ghee. The Ghee Benefits aren’t just limited to rustling up rice dishes but have spilled over to several brothy delights. Imagine a kadai of mutton simmering in a rich broth of spices and oil. A small dribble of  Ghee brings a silky texture to the gravy, making it absolutely irresistible. Or simply add a spicy and aromatic twist to your curries with sizzling tadka made from Annapurna Gawa Ghee and an assortment of spices. Setting aside the amazing flavorsome taste of Gawa Ghee, let us now explore the Benefits of eating Ghee Daily, which makes it such an important part of our diets.

Benefits of eating Gawa ghee daily

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This nursery idiom highlighted the healthy benefits having apple on a daily basis. Well, since the benefits of eating ghee daily are so profound, we may well have to change this age-old idiom. A teaspoon of ghee every day goes a long way. Gawa ghee, if taken in the right amount, helps in addressing several health benefits. One such benefit of eating ghee is that it heals the inner lining of the stomach, improving the digestive system. Gawa Ghee takes care of our gut health by lubricating the intestinal lining and preventing constipation in the long run. 

Gawa Ghee is an integral part of different food preparations during the winter. The plates of Daal Tadka, Parathas or Gajar Ka Halwa oozing with the mouth-watering aroma of Gawa Ghee not only satisfy our gastronomical cravings, but also keep the body warm during the chilly winter months, improving immunity. Among the benefits of eating ghee daily, is improved heart health. Fascinating, no? Recent studies have shown that ghee reduces harmful cholesterol and increases good cholesterol, making it an elixir of good health. Let us see some of the interesting benefits of eating ghee daily.

Ghee Benefits for Weight Gain

One of the most important Ghee Benefits is weight gain. Ghee is a rich source of energy and, with small and medium fatty acids, it provides the right amount of nourishment for gaining weight. Gawa Ghee is infused with butyric acid, which makes it ideal for gaining body mass in a short period of time. Ghee Benefits for weight gain can also be harnessed in an ingenious way. Give a spicy twist to your lunch by heating a teaspoon of cumin seeds in Annapurna Gawa Ghee and pairing it with steamed rice, or simply pour it into gravies or soups. Not only is it nutritious, but the aroma and flavour are a dream for every food lover. Nutritionists suggest that if ghee made up 50% of our total fat intake, then it would be ideal for weight gain. Ghee benefits, if taken in moderation, can also help to reduce excessive weight loss. Gawa Ghee is infused with nutrients, fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6, which help keep weight under control. So, either in weight gain or weight loss, Gawa Ghee is your trusted aide.

Gawa Ghee Benefits for Bones

Our grandmothers perhaps had more knowledge about the benefits of Gawa Ghee than we did. All those childhood memories of grandmas heaping parathas soaked in Gawa Ghee on our plates were designed not only to increase our body weight but also to strengthen our bones. Ancient scriptures have thoroughly mentioned about the Ghee Benefits for Bones. Gawa Ghee, infused with Vitamin K2, helps in improving the absorption of calcium much more easily, strengthening bones in the long run. Ghee Benefits for Bones also include rejuvenation of the bone joints, relief from joint pains, and prevention of tooth decay. 

Ghee Benefits for Skin

Ghee, often dubbed as liquid gold in ancient scriptures, has been used as nourishment for the skin. Ghee Benefits for Skin includes a soft and hydrated skin. Gawa Ghee is imbibed with Vitamin A and fatty acids, which moisturize the skin in the long run and give it a lasting glow. The antioxidant in ghee helps in detoxifying the blood, reducing pigmentation and improving the tonal value of the skin. Consuming Ghee daily in moderation prevents the sagging of skin, reducing signs of aging. Ghee can also be used as lip balm for chapped lips during winter, as an ointment for minor injuries, and to reduce dark circles.

Time and again, Ghee has proved itself to be more than just an ingredient for culinary preparation. From the Vedic times to the age of smartphones, the importance of Gawa Ghee on our daily lives has spilled beyond taste, helping us on with our lives with countless health benefits that have established Ghee as a rediscovered miracle of the modern-day kitchen.


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