Desi Ghee, A Re-Discovered Miracle Of Modern Indian Kitchens

6 Aug 2021

Time and again since the past two decades, our humble Indian kitchens have been plagued by the fear of Fat in Desi Ghee. Ghee or clarified butter is a 5000 years-old wondrous creation, churned out from India’s culture, beliefs, faith & fresh cow milk. Indians have included Ghee in every aspect of their celebrations and health for centuries. In this informative by Annapurna,one of the best ghee brands in India,find out the importance of this modern Superfood that has been enjoying its cult status as an Elixir in every Indian kitchen, since forever!
Ghee – A Good Fat With Multiple Benefits
People grew up hearing many terrifying myths encircling ghee. Misconceptions like ‘ghee is infused with fatty acids and other compounds that are detrimental to an individual’s health’ or ‘ghee is a fattening food which would never allow the consumer to lose weight’ etc. had always made rounds in people’s mouths.
But, in reality, Ghee is just the opposite of everything bad that is spoken about it! Today, backed by well-researched scientific facts and figures, people have once again started to welcome Ghee in their kitchen shelves, making it a part of the daily staple diet.
The Benefits Of DesiGhee – The Re-Discovered Superfood
Promotes Gut Health
Desi&even Gawa Gheeare laced with traces of Butyric Acid – which supports the well-being of intestinal walls. This acid triggers an immune response to reduce inflammation and promotes an undisturbed digestion process. This acid aids in easy digestion & stress-free bowel movements.
Immunity Booster
Ghee has proven traces of anti-oxidants, micronutrients, and Vitamin A which together build up super strong immunity. The antioxidants are responsible for neutralizing movements of free radicals thereby, barring cell damage. Ghee also amplifies the body’s ability to absorb the micronutrients and is also an excellent microbial and anti-viral agent that keeps infections at bay.
Heart-Healthy Food
Consumption of refined oil as a heart-friendly cooking medium has taken the back seat after organically produced pure Ghee is proved to be the healthier alternative. It increases metabolism, sheds body fat, and increases the core strength of the body. Desi Ghee also prevents the formation of calcium in arteries that cause heart diseases. The good cholesterol levels, beneficial for heart health, increase when one consumes Ghee.
Relieves Joint Pain
Looking for a natural joint pain reliever? Let Ghee come to your rescue! As mentioned earlier, the rich traces of Vitamin A in Ghee improve the overall health of bones. The muscle toxins causing joint pain are effectively and efficiently flushed out by Ghee, thus reducing inflammation and stiffness for better and pain-free mobility. Ghee is a natural remedy for arthritis.
Choosing The Best, From Rest!
Annapurna Ghee, one of the best Desi Ghee brandsthat represents purity, has never left the hands of tradition and culture in churning out the freshest Ghee. The brand puts consumer health first and hence sources every ingredient from the purest origins. Light up your health & home with the gleaming gold – Annapaurna Ghee.
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