Sauce it up this Winter

2 Dec 2020

The season of mist is also the season of feasts, the season of festivities. Whether you choose to stay indoors or take your equipment outside for a picnic in the garden is completely up to you. But one thing that you simply can’t avoid is the joy of enjoying a hearty meal comprising various kinds of roasts. And what is roasting without the right barbecue sauce? Imagine a crackling fire, friends surrounding it and the unending flow of music and food…the sauce happens to be that magic element which brings the perfect party together by catering to your gastronomical needs.

Be it turkey meat or the humble chicken, marination with this sauce will come in handy to tenderize it and infuse powerful notes of flavour. But do not use the sauce in excess because the high sugar content in it might result in excessive charring on the surface of the meat. If you are roasting vegetables, then you can simply use it for basting. BBQ sauce uses its charm to make any ordinary dish and in fact any ordinary day truly extraordinary. Just like life itself you will find many twists and turns in it. It is salty, smoky, tangy and sugary at the same time.

Bring over your friends or party with your neighbours non-stop. Fire up your equipment to light a bonfire in your mouth.  All you need is some seasonal vegetables, some meat (according to your preference) and a few dollops of delectable barbecue sauce.

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