Annapurna Ghee – The Super Reason to be Super Healthy

21 Jun 2019
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Decades of expertise has gone into making Annapurna Ghee a spectacular product. Annapurna Ghee comes with superior quality and consistency which ensures that the Ghee tastes the same throughout the year. It is also enriched with Vitamin A, D, E & K, which makes it a better alternative to butter. Just a dollop of Annapurna Ghee is enough to make your food taste Super delicious and healthy.

Crafted to perfection which suits your palate made through automated machines following best in class hygiene practices & under stringent quality checks, Annapurna Ghee is sure to entice your taste buds with its smell, taste & flavor. Made from pure and premium quality milk coupled with years of experience is what creates this unique product.

Daily consumption of Annapurna Ghee in small quantity will give you healthy glowing skin & lustrous hair. Annapurna Ghee is loaded with Vitamin A which improves eyesight and helps strengthens bones. There are a host of health benefits & in numerous potentialities that have made it ‘Super Ghee’ just for your health & well-being.

Annapurna brings to you three different variants of Ghee to suit your taste & need to meet your healthy lifestyle goals like – Annapurna Ghee, Annapurna Cow Ghee, and Annapurna Desi Ghee.

Annapurna GheeAnnapurna super healthy Ghee is more than just only pure, tasty & aromatic, but is also a healthy alternative to oil and is blessed with numerous health benefits. To top it all Annapurna Ghee has rich aroma and texture that brings the promise of purity alive in each and every bottle of Ghee.

Annapurna Cow Ghee –Annapurna Cow Ghee is made from fresh milk fat of grass-fed cows in the most hygienic way to ensure its quality & purity. It delivers a rich taste & texture; is packed with nutritional values and has healing properties.

Annapurna Desi Ghee –Annapurna Desi Ghee is an ethnic product made using modern technology through automated machines to give rich aroma & granular texture, which also doubles up for unmatched quality. Loaded with the goodness of vitamins, it is a perfect ingredient for all kinds of Indian Cooking which adds a superior taste and aroma to your cooking.

From the delightful appearance to the tempting aroma, from the distinctive flavor to unparalleled purity, from the unmatched quality to superior taste, we have crafted our product to suit all kinds of palate & culinary possibilities along with wholesome nutritional values.

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