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Orange Marmalade

Annapurna Orange Marmalade Jam is made from the finest oranges in state of the art automated machines in the most hygienic way to ensure you only the best quality & taste. This turns your mundane mornings tangy with a dash a sweet undertone. This gives it a sweet and tart taste, which will just leave you longing for more. This orange marmalade brand is a powerhouse of taste and well being & just the perfect way to kick start your morning.

Available Sizes :

500 GM,200 GM,100 GM

Shelf Life:

Best Before 12 Months from Manufacture

Container Type : Glass Bottle, PP Cup
             Nutritional Information (Per 100g*)
 Energy   274kcal
 Protein   0.3g
 Fat   0.1g
 Carbohydrate   68g
 Sugar   66g
 *Typical Values