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Desi Ghee

Annapurna Desi Ghee is an ethnic product made from milk fat using modern technology to give rich aroma & granular texture. Decades of experience have gone into making this ghee, to make the promise of the traditional taste of pure desi ghee to come alive. Loaded with the goodness of vitamins, it is a perfect ingredient for all kinds of Indian cuisine which adds a superior taste and aroma to a variety of palates.

Available Sizes :

5 ltr, 1 ltr, 500 ml, 200 ml
Shelf Life:

Best Before 12 Months from Manufacture

Container Type : Tin, Tetra
 Energy   897.3 kcal
 Carbohydrate  0 g
 Sugar  0 g
 Milk Protein   0 g
 Saturated Fatty Acid  66.1 g
 Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid  2.87 g
 Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid  26.9 g
 Transfatty Acid  3.83 g
 Cholesterol   256.8 mg
 Vitamin A  776.45 mg
 Vitamin E  1.49 mg
 Milk Fat  99.7 g
 *Approximate Values


Desi Ghee benefits include improving the digestive system. Desi Ghee is a rich source of Butyric acid that stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes which helps in breaking down the foods. The short fatty acids in desi ghee prevent the inflammation of intestinal walls. Desi Ghee benefits also include reduction of blood sugar level and easing constipation.

Desi Ghee in nose is an excellent homemade remedy for a number of remedies. A thin film of Desi Ghee in nose reduces the entry of pollutants in the nostrils hence, preventing diseases like respiratory diseases like asthma. Putting Desi Ghee in nose prevents nasal congestion.

Yes, desi ghee is good for health. In fact, it is considered to be a superfood of the Indian kitchen. India. Desi Ghee reduces belly fat and helps in regulating the blood sugar level. It also helps in stimulating reproductive hormones and helps in the treatment of insomnia.

Brands market Ghee either in grams and millilitres. In terms of quantity, both 1 kg and 1 litre are the same. Desi Ghee price varies from one brand to another. Annapurna’s Desi Ghee priced at INR 532 offers good value for money with its exquisite taste, aroma, and more importantly excellent nutritional quality.

Desi Ghee is a rich source of energy. Each 100 ml of Annapurna desi ghee offers 897.3 Kcal of energy. Annapurna’s Desi Ghee nutrition value can lift the mood of any fitness enthusiast. Every 100 ml of Annapurna’s Desi Ghee contains 2.87 g and 26.9 g of poly and monounsaturated fatty acid that replaces unhealthy fats. The presence of Vitamin A (776.45 mg) and Vitamin E (1.49 mg) adds value to the desi ghee nutrition value.

Various Desi Ghee Brands put their products on online platforms for the convenience of the customers. You can buy Annapurna Desi Ghee Online from platforms like Amazon. Big Baskets and Spencer’s at an attractive rate.

India is blessed with several top Desi Ghee Brands. The top Desi Ghee Brands in India offer the best nutrition. Annapurna Desi Ghee is considered to be one of the top Desi Ghee brands in India that offers nutrition with the best value for money.

The difference between ghee and Desi Ghee depends on the preparation process. Desi ghee is prepared from cattle milk mainly cows or buffalos. However, ordinary ghee is prepared from vegetable oils. Annapurna Desi ghee consists of natural saturated fats, Vitamin A, D, E, and K, whereas Ghee consists of trans fats that are harmful to the heart.

Desi ghee if stored properly remains fit for consumption for a period of one year or more. If stored properly Desi Ghee can be stored beyond one year, however, ideally, desi ghee can should be consumed within a year. Annapurna desi ghee has a self-life of 1 year from the date of manufacture.

One simple method to identify pure desi ghee is to put a teaspoon of Desi ghee on the palm. If the ghee starts melting then it is pure, otherwise, it is adulterated.