The Founder


With an experience of over six decades, Annapurna Group has researched and chosen the choicest of ingredients from Mother Nature and created a bouquet of products around it. Started with the humble beginnings in 1952 under the impetus & vision of Late Gourango Chandra Ghosh, who was blessed with a natural foresight, Annapurna soon mastered the field of Dairy and Agro in the entire region. Dedicated towards the well-being of each and every consumer, our journey is inspired by the promise of purity. Today Annapurna has become one of the largest FMCG companies in the Eastern India and is looking to extend its footprint all across the nation.
At Annapurna we aim to create a better future; we transform ideas into lasting Solutions. We have always toiled relentlessly to cater the purest form of food products to the end consumer. From its flagship product Annapurna Ghee to breakfast & snacking additives like Honey, Jam & Jelly, Sauces, Pickles, Fruit Squash, Fundaaz Fruit Beverages, to kitchen ingredients like Ginger Garlic Paste, a range of condiments in the form of Diptips and one stop readymade cooking solution like WondrGravi, Annapurna is continuously evolving to meet the changing needs & aspirations of every household & transforming Kitchens into Super Kitchens. From the freshest harvest produced to the smiling faces of consumers in every household, is indeed a magical journey

Our Journey

  • 1952
    • Inception of Sundarbans Dairy Farm
    • Debut product was Annapurna Ghee
    • Honey & Cream were introduced
  • 1995


    • Journey of Sundarbans Food Products began
    • Annapurna Group expanded beyond the Dairy sector
    • Started producing different snack items under new division
  • 1999


    • Sundarbans Food Products became a Pvt. Ltd. Company
    • Renamed as Sundarbans Food Products (I) Pvt Ltd.
    • Annapurna Group entered the Agro Sector
    • Sundarbans Food Products (I) Pvt Ltd. took over Sundarbans Dairy Farm
  • 2003


    • Satez Agro Products Pvt. Ltd.
    • A range of pickles, jam, jelly and sauce was launched & the size of the product basket started increasing
  • 2007


    • Annapurna Food and Beverages was formed to produce fruit based beverages under the brand name of FUNDAAZ
  • 2012


    • Under the brand Annapurna there were further developments in the Dairy category
    • Pasteurized Milk and Milk powder were introduced in the market
  • 2014


    • We have launched Carbonated fruit beverages -APPLTIZER and DIET LEMONTIZER under the brand Fundaaz
  • 2018


    • We have launched a range of products in the Gen-Y category keeping in mind the lifestyle and food habits of contemporary generation.
      ReadyMate, a range of ready- to-cook gravies were launched in seven variants
    • Mosambi Fruit Drink was launched in the Fundaaz range
    • DIPTIPS, a range of table top sauces, spreads & condiments like salsa sauce, mayonnaise, honey mustard sauce, sandwich spread are launched in the metro areas.
    • In the dairy segment, the newly launched entrants are cream and paneer which come in impressive tin packaging. The Gen-Y products do not have added color or preservative