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Masala Cola

(Masala Cola)

Our lives are just like Bollywood movies, full of drama, fun, thrills, and a whole lot of masalas. And how would the good old cola taste with a bit of masala? Simply delicious! And Sprint Masala Cola does just that, adding a spicy twist to a much-loved beverage. Each drop of this bubbly concoction is suffused with exotic spices, making it the perfect drink that refreshes. So, pour a glass of Sprint Masala Cola, put on your favourite album, and chill away to the land of bliss.

Available Sizes :

250 ML


Container Type : Pet Bottle
             Nutritional Information (Per 100 ml*)
 Serving size : 200 ml   Serving per pack : 1
 Energy   44.8 kcal
 Carbohydrate   11.2 g
 Total Sugar   11.0 g
 Added Sugar   11 g
 Protein   0 g
 Total Fat   0 g
  Sodium   210 mg
 *Typical Values