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Cola drinks have been the go-to beverage for freshening up across the world since the last century. Keeping in line with the spirit of freshening-up, Sprint Cola, quenches thirst and refreshes every generation. The carbonated caffeine drink rejuvenates with each sip and works as an instant refresher with an irresistible taste.Each gulp of Sprint Cola allures the taste buds, leaving an enticing flavour and the zeal to crack on.

Available Sizes :

200 ML

Container Type : Pet Bottle
             Nutritional Information (Per 100 ml*)
 Serving size : 200 ml   Serving per pack : 1
 Energy   44.8 kcal
 Carbohydrate   11.2 g
 Total Sugar   11.0 g
 Added Sugar   11.0 g
 Protein   0 g
 Total Fat   0 g
  Sodium   8 mg
 *Typical Values