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Pickles are deep rooted in our culture and have the wonderful ability of taking us back in time. Remember the large porcelain jars that our mothers grandmother use to store the mouth watering pickles Thats why we at Annapurna believe no meal can stand complete without the sizzling taste of pickles. Thus, to be your reliable food partner in this modern era, Annapurna had brought a premium range of pickles. They are a perfect blend of aromatic spices, finest oils and fresh vegetables, which altogether adds an extra zing to your every meal. We have cooked a unique quirky pickle story to tickle your taste-buds, made using the traditional recipes, known through generations, which has the power to delight every palate. Since time immemorial, pickles have been the common thread that has tied India together. Our assorted array of lip-smacking pickles pair up wonderfully with Indian meals. Get ready to tickle your tastebuds So, whats your pick