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Guava Jelly

This sweet & tangy jelly is made from farm-fresh Guava Extracts. it adds the perfect amount of sweetness to your toast, crackers, pita, crepes and even as a topping over yogurt or ice cream. The delightful guava jelly is best partnered with bread to provide the nutrition on the go, a must-have in breakfast for your kids every morning. It’s undoubtedly the best guava jelly at a reasonable price, where taste meets good health without spending much.

Available Sizes :

500 GM, 200 GM, 100 GM

Shelf Life:

Best Before 12 Months from Manufacture

Container Type : Glass Bottle
             Nutritional Information (Per 100g*)
 Energy   275kcal
 Protein   0.4g
 Fat   0.15g
 Carbohydrate   68g
 Sugar   66g
 *Typical Values