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Annapurna Honey is obtained from the crude nectar, which is de-moisturized, separated, and mixed well utilizing best in class innovation to keep its natural goodness intact in the cleanest way without the utilization of any additives. Our honey tastes similar to pure natural honey and it is also a more beneficial substitute to refined sugar which can be used in a host of ways to be fit in a fast age. Presently we have added honey squeezy and stick packs as easy to go extension in our product basket.

Available Sizes :

400 GM, 25 GM

Shelf Life: 

12 Months from Packaging

Container Type : Squeeze pack, Stick Pack
 Energy  320 kcal
 Carbohydrate  80 g
 Natural Sugars  80 g
 Added Fat  0 g
 Protein  0 g
 Fat  0 g
 Sodium  15 mg
 Potassium   52 mg
 Calcium  15 mg
 Iron  1.6 mg
 Phosphorous  12 mg
 * Approximate Values


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