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Snacks Dressing

(Hot and Spicy Tomato Sauce)

Attention crispies and spring rolls! Let’s welcome a revolutionary recipe made with juicy tomatoes, spicy chilies, onion and garlic flakes and secret spice mix. Dip tips snack dressing.

Available Sizes :

1 kg

Shelf Life:

Best Before 12 Months from Manufacturing

Container Type : HDPE Bottle, Glass Bottle
             Nutritional Information (Per 100 gm*)
 Serving Size: 10 g   Serving Per pack: 100
 Energy    166 kcal
 Total Carbohydrate    40 g
 Of which Sugar    33.5 g
 Added Sugar    33.5 g
 Protein    1 g
 Total Fat    0.2 g
 Saturated Fat  
 Sodium   800 mg
 *Approx. Values