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Ranch Dip

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Diptips Ranch dip is the best snack or appetizer starter. Its completely matched with a major sack of salty chips or a plate of new veggies. You could even utilize a ranch dressing dip to dress your preferred plate of mixed greens.

Available Sizes :

300 gm

Shelf Life:

Best Before Six Months From MFG.

Container Type : Squeeze Pack
             Nutritional Information (Per 100 gm*)
 Serving Size: 15 g   Serving Per pack: 20
 Energy   276 kcal
 Total Carbohydrate   13.3 g
 Of which Sugar   8.0 g
 Added Sugar   5.0 g
 Protein   1.74 g
 Total Fat   24.0 g
 Saturated Fat   4.3 g
 Trans-fat   0.1 g
 Sodium  680 mg
 *Approx. Values