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Fresh Cream

Annapurna Fresh Cream for cooking is prepared from fresh milk and hygienically sterilized which retains its shelf-life. Having a thick and smooth texture, it gives a luscious finish to your dishes. It can also be used to garnish your dishes or to add a creamy finishing touch to them.

Available Sizes :

400 GM

Shelf Life:

Best Before 4 Months from Manufacture

Container Type : Tin Pack

Health Benefits:

- Annapurna Fresh Cream has been processed to give a smooth consistency and can be used to make mouthwatering dishes.

- Annapurna Fresh Cream is sterilized at high temperature and packed aseptically to give safe, rich cream which stays fresh for a long time

- Zero Preservatives added


Fresh cream is a dairy product that is prepared by processing and sterilising milk at a high temperature until it gets a smooth, mouth-watering texture. Annapurna’s fresh cream, prepared with the best quality milk, adds a luscious taste to every preparation, making them absolutely irresistible. 

No, fresh cream and whipping cream are not the same. If we are to explain it technically, the difference between fresh cream and whipping cream is the fat content. Fresh cream has around 25% fat, while whipping cream has over 35% fat. As the fresh cream has a lower fat content, it cannot be used for decoration, while whipping cream can be used to conjure up those eye-pleasing designs on cakes and pastries. 

There are a variety of fresh cream uses. Fresh cream can be used to cook various culinary delights. It can be used to thicken up gravies, add flavour to soups, decorate cakes with frosting, or simply whip it on toast and munch away to your heart’s delight. 

No, fresh cream is not vegan. Vegan products are prepared solely from plant, hence, fresh cream that is made from the milk cannot be classified as a vegan product. However, Annapurna’s fresh cream, made from the best quality milk, makes up for the other-worldly taste.

Yes, fresh cream can be heated. When heated, fresh cream thickens into a thick and creamy sauce that can be used as gravy for dishes or used as a final taste enhancer to bring out the flavour in the dishes. So, grab a can of Annapurna’s fresh cream, heat it according to your preference, and rustle up some delicacies.

Several luscious fresh cream recipes can be prepared using Annapurna Fresh Cream. The rich texture and the creamy delight help in creating a delicious, mouth-watering treat that balances the spice and savoury taste. Some lip-smacking fresh cream recipes that one can conjure using fresh cream are Paneer Dopyaza, Methi Malai Sabji, Paneer Tikka masala, and many more.

There are different ways to eat fresh cream. One can eat fresh cream by adding to their salads or use eat fresh cream as frosting. One can also have fresh cream by using it as a spread for toasts or simply using it to cook gravies and soups. Hence, whether you whip up a brilliant salad, make a creamy soup, or simply eat them off the can, Annapurna fresh cream is the ideal partner for creamy culinary delights.

There are several fresh cream health benefits that one can get if it is consumed daily in moderation. Fresh cream is rich in vitamins that help in the growth of healthy tissues in the eyes, skin, and mucous tissues. Fresh cream health benefits include strong teeth and bones as it is rich in calcium. Also, its rich fat content makes it an energy booster and is strongly recommended for people recovering from illness.

Yes, you can have fresh cream during pregnancy if it is prepared from pasteurized milk. It would be ideal to check the type of milk that is used to make the cream.

Fresh cream with bread makes up for several lip-smacking recipes that not only please the taste buds but are also healthy for the users. You can simply apply fresh cream on to bread and have them as morning toast, or you can make a spicy veg-sandwich by spreading chopped tomatoes and capsicum on fresh cream, frying it slightly, and enjoying it with Annapurna Ketchup.